Just keep swinging, just keep swinging

To my recollection, I’ve snapped 6 axe handles in the past couple months. It’s become a familiar experience, preparing to lift the axe over my shoulder, not feeling the weight, and looking down and seeing the metal head on the ground, nestled among the cut logs along with my broken dreams of being less of... Continue Reading →


It was Hardly a Supra-ficial Dinner

Yesterday I attended one of Georgia’s most important parts of social culture - the supra. Supras are traditional Georgian feasts thrown either for happy events like birthdays and weddings or more somber occasions such as funerals. During Pre-Service Training, I attended part of my host mom’s birthday’s supra, but to quote Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed,” that... Continue Reading →

LIFE Camp 2017

This will be my personal debrief of my service at Leadership, Integration and Fitness through Education (LIFE) camp in Georgia. I’ll also have a debrief with my fellow G17 counselors and a third with the G16s and G17s together. Welcome to Peace Corps haha. Basics of LIFE camp - It’s a free, week-long camp during... Continue Reading →

Day in the Life of a PC Trainee

Because I’m busy for most of the day and so much is happening, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed in thinking of what to blog about. My favorite soccer journalist, Sid Lowe, does weekly reviews where he goes in depth about one issue/team and provides short blurbs about other highlights from around the league, and... Continue Reading →

Trojan Horse

You know how in high school when you take the driver's ed class and they tell you about the "impervious" attitude that teenagers have? I had that attitude about Peace Corps pooping. Having bad bowel movements in the Peace Corps is a long-storied tradition of humor and discomfort. A Google search of "Peace Corps poops"... Continue Reading →

1. Travel

Friday 4/14 Van cab to hotel Double tree room 1112 Interesting to hear one retiree's motivations for joining the PC - heard the director speak on PBS and thought it was cool Dinner for 12-ish at Prost then Delilahs with college friends. Saturday Training 8-5 Ohn Soo the Real Madrid Two Korean American training people -... Continue Reading →

Motivational Statement

As a way to share why I applied and what I was daydreaming about as a press intern in Washington DC, I've copied my motivational statement here. In it, I was prompted to "provide a few paragraphs explaining your reasons for wanting to serve as a PCV and how you plan to overcome the various challenges"... Continue Reading →

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